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The purpose of this website is to inform, to separate rumour from fact, and to make information available in an easy format. Anyone may use this forum for questions about our county government and/or voice concerns.


Comments are allowed and anyone is allowed to have their opinion. Inappropriate comments are subject to moderation by the administrator.


DISCLAIMER: This is an independent website. We are not affiliated with any political party, nor endorse any political party.

18 Responses to “Mission Statement”

  1. cool story bro hoodie says :

    That’s kind of… abrupt.

    • Fourth Horseman says :

      I am happy to see this site back up and running.

      This site regardless of political affiliation is a valuable tool in helping the citizens gather information to be able to make informed opinions and choices when casting their votes.

      Information will help in the continuing fight against the corrupt forces that maintain a foot hold in Hill County.

  2. not a lyon supporter says :

    Well, no one addressed the question of WHY did Lyon spend campaign donations for multiple auto repairs? If there was an error on the report, so be it. But $43 or $4300, the question remains the same. WHY?

  3. Toni says :

    It WASN’T an error! HIS CAMPAIGN FUND report that was SUBMITTED to the ETHICS COMMISSION had the $4000 on it. Maybe if more people would PAY ATTENTION, they wouldn’t make themselves look so stupid. Do yourself a favor, and stop talking. You aren’t helping your case any.

  4. Denice says :

    I am sure you will not post this. I posted it to your site yesterday. But, Just in case you lost it, I thought I would send it again. Here you go: You are all a bunch of fools (talk about drinking the Kool-Aid), if you believe that over $4,300.00 was spent on Sheriff Lyon’s personal vehicle. Maybe you should all look on the “Re-elect Jeffrey T. Lyon” website and see the truth. It is there in black and white. The true figure is $43.52 (the Cole Ford receipt is there). But, why bother now with the truth Barbara, lets just go ahead and hang him on your word. How many more vicious lies are you going to spread. As a Hill County Republican you should be ashamed of your actions. If you have a qualified candidate for Sheriff, why don’t you just say so? Instead you are trying to ruin a good man, his wife, and their two teenaged children. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. I have never seen a “Good Christian” treat his fellow man in as unkind and unchristian way, as Mr. Kaddatz has been doing this whole year. It is one thing to tell the truth and another to take little bits of truth and twist them to fit the crime. You and your good friend Mr. Kaddatz, among others, should be especially ashamed of yourselves.

    • pacleader says :

      There is indeed a posted receipt on Lyon’s facebook page that reflects $43. instead of the $4,300 reported to the Ethics Commission.

      • Denice says :

        And now you correct your error. You could have done that on May 24th, when I first posted the correction in my post that you decided not to use. Way to go!!! Such honesty!

        • Toni says :

          Did you even READ the comment? You are SO unintelligent!

          • Denice says :

            Did you not read my comment??? I said she should have corrected what she put out there, when she realized it was an error. I did not say it was her mistake. BG4HC mailed out postcards “to inform the people.” Better Government for Hill County, that’s a joke. You do not get better government with the tactics BG4HC is using. I know you think you are very smart and intelligent, and you may well be, but as the old saying goes, “if you all can’t take it, don’t dish it out.” BG4HC started the mud slinging on this website with the comments about where the fish came from for the fish fry, and what people were wearing that made them a low life. I’d say you folks cast the first stone, and I still think you should be ashamed of yourselves. That’s just my opinion, and as stated on this website, that’s what this forum is meant to be used for.

          • pacleader says :

            And as an observant adult you will notice the the Pacleader is NOT involved in the comments, other than to note rumor or edit profanity. The comments on this website have come from other members of our Hill County community, and we value both positive and negative. Freedom of speech (and opinion) is a basic right of our Bill of Rights.

  5. becky wilkins says :

    I am not a liar nor am I a thief. Yet the current sheriff drummed up a bogus investigation and threatened to arrest me. How would you feel if this happened to you? There are numerous witnesses to this intimidation. He is a bully with a badge and this county deserves better. Just because it did not happen to you does not diminish or lessen in any way the severity of his actions.

  6. Connie says :

    I am applauded at this website. I can not believe that someone would stoop this low, and then hid behind fake names!! Everything here is just i ligation till proven in a court of law! Most of which is so stupid, will never see a court. In the past 18 years that we have lived in Hill County, we can count on 3 fingers the times we have called the sheriff’s department & they have come!! Since Sheriff Jeff has been in office, we have called and they respond in minutes! Everyone that we have dwelt with is courteous and takes care of the matter. I know Sheriff Jeff to be a kind, trusting and honest man. The person that has put this website together is hiding behind a clock and it’s a shame! Since finding out about this site, it just concrete’s our vote even more. We voted for Sheriff Jeff, now we will go out and campaign for him and let the people know, that we don’t need ANYONE that hides behind a clock and just bashes. If any of this mess was true you wouldn’t mind tagging your name too it. That would be the honorable thing to do. We don’t need people like you in government, we need people that aren’t afraid too come out & say my name is so in so & I stand for this! Someone that would stoop too this level is NOT WORTH HAVING. Connie

    • pacleader says :

      It is nice to her that someone has had a good experience with the SO. And you are probably not the only one! However, we presume you mean “appalled” in lieu of “applauded,” and for those who have posted comments, it is their perogative to either leave a partial name, as yourself, a screen name, or their full name. As you will note, no one, including yourself, left a full name, except for the letter posted last week. The postings are totally unsolicited, and while the intent was never to “bash” anyone, it appears that the people in this county who have had the most contact with the Sheriff’s office, have concerns and complaints, which they have voiced.

  7. And the winner is... says :

    What I dont understand is when the allegations were first levied against the Sheriff it was reminiscent of Bill Clinton who claimed that he never did what he was accused of and with Al Gore standing beside him 100 percent. Later it was ok…I did it but did not consider it as such and I thought oh wow…lies, lies, lies but he was a good president. To me everyone should be angry because we have the same thing here…”I didn’t do it, I didn’t do it…. never happened.” Then it was wellllllll okayyyyyy maybe it did happen but it was just a game and it was only a stuck zipper mishap. Really? Do you think the public is stupid. The public should be outraged that they have been lied to. The big difference in Bill Clinton and the Sheriff is that Bill was actually doing great things for our country…the Sheriff cannot say the same for our county. And, if you were not a part of his posse then you were just there, hanging onto a paycheck and of no consequence to him. We need to get rid of the “good ole boy” system. Anyone can see it really didn’t work for him after all. We need someone who will stand up to people who won’t work and let them know it won’t be tolerated. We need someone who will recognize that everyone in the department is important and that all are needed to get the job done. RESPECT…that is what is needed. We need someone whose very leadership will not demand respect but command it. There are some very good people that STILL work there in all aspects and they deserve a good leader….where “I am not above pitching in and helping anywhere”…. really mean it … and then actually do it.

  8. justiceforall says :

    How many of the other candidates running in the county election have former employees, members of ESD Boards, elected officials or Care Flight representatives filing sworn affadavits against them with the County Judge??
    Sheriff Jeffrey T Lyon is the ONLY elected official on the ballot with those Bragging Rights!!
    Information to PONDER for the upcoming election! REMEMBER the only power citizens have OVER Elected Officials is The Right to VOTE!! Do your part to rid our county of a Bullying Sheriff!!

  9. not a lyon supporter says :

    It is called FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

  10. Things to say.. says :

    Aka-This website is a, “Bash Jeffrey T Lyon and anyone affiliated with him,” website. Therefore no one with anything positive to say about him will be allowed to post on this website. Therefore anyone that looks at this ridiculously ignorant piece of work will only be witness to one side of all the mess that’s on here. Funny too that I see tabs for every section of Hill County’s government, which I know, from experience and I’m sure others know as well ALL have issues yet no comments have been posted under those tabs? Hmmmm….is this because no one has bothered posting or because the “moderator” has the soul purpose of only bashing Jeff Lyon and the Sheriff’s Office therefore not approving any other post, but those that make him look bad?! Food for thought people, food for thought.

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